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--- Цитувати ---Remote control:
- Info on FIND and INFO
- Radio/TV switch on function dedicated RC key
- Special meniu on Video - V.FORMAT.
- [PAGE+], [PAGE-] switch between browser and play list in Media Player or jumps to start/end – in other menus, i.e.”Tunner Configuration”
- subservices on GREEN

- We inserted “runlevel”, resulting now on proper enigma restart by << kill -9 Enigma2 >> command (mandatory for HD glass 16 skin).
- HD glass skin 16 (thanks goes to @sawaii)
- new remote control picture on wizard
- “auto-swap” (if on USB memory stick a SWAP folder exists, on start a 64MB swap folder is created automatically and later used)
- Green LED flashes when a key is pressed on the remote (thanks goes to @osaiya)
- red LED is lit when recording
- reformatting symbols of 7-segment display (thanks goes to @osaiya)
- softcam.key simplified (can be used on Mgcamd)

- Clock in standby mode (still not hardware)
- skin, font folder and starting with USB HDD connected bugs, present in 29/03/2011 Enigma2 beta image, solved
- new function: “Backup to stick for reinstall” - backup emu, lines and antenna settings
- “Auto restore” if on memory stick former backup image was created (see new feature, above).
--- End quote ---


Enigma2 RSP RC1 v2
 - solved boot problems due to hardware incompatibilities
 - solved accidentally delete of users movies folder
 - solved error in backup script
 - some enprovements in VFD character set ( tnks Osaiya )
 - timeshift will be solved in the next release
 - subtitles on 16e are encoded we are looking for a solution ,,,

Завантажити RSP RC1 v2

SPARK's 2012 - New Year's Eve RSP Enigma2
 Duckbox Project rev 3297
 STM24 gstreamer
 After a longtime testing period (some of you might say “much too long”J ), we decided to reveal a stm24 image, even so, PAY ATTENTION, we admit it is ... unstable!
 Stargate had a major contribution to this image “birth” and delta2k2 on testing. Special thanks to these RSP members.
 New visible features:
 - added RPS Share Info with some minor changes
 - inadyn service added (activated in User Options menu)
 - OpenSSH server and client (activated in User Options menu)
 - Spark (re)start from Enigma2
 We would like, to once again, express our gratitude for all TDT and active "sh4_duckbox_project" mebmers, for their entire work that have open our way and guided us.



New image from RSP

-Subtitle Player by DD-integrated image in Media Player (dial key RED)
-Modded skins
-New logo
-Corrected syntax CIFS (now go and STM23)
Introduced remote reboot in case of blockage of e2, press the sequence: ENTER POWER POWER POWER POWER
-The new smartcard
Resolved characters and double-clock standby and deep standby
Info-RSP Share disabled by default ( no info and skin)


Залив я імідж RSP e2 SPARK RC2, amiko пробує стартувати, але час від часу зявляється вікно де намальований пульт д/у  і просить вибрати відеовхід. Нажимаю ОК на пульті д/у а тюнер не реагує. Чорний екран і за деякий час знову прохання вибрати відеовхід. :'(


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