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Іміджі. Останні версії
« : 12:56:32, 16 Березень 2009 »
NLB svn9047(binaries) v1.29

Логін: root
Пароль: relook

Нарешті пофіксено PANIC при завантаженні заставки!

Підготував : Dexter
Дата релізу : March 7. 2009
* updated - SVN9047+ sbox+skin binaries +po files only.
* plugins - updated favpip 2.1.0
* plugins - updated hddtemp 0.0.7
* plugins - all default in /var/plug-in again.
* emu - mbox 0.4 beta 0023
* webif - emu and newcs selection made simpler.
* skins - deepblue and grey updated.
* emu - EVOCAMD is no longer included in NLB image, no support for it.
* cardreader- DGS Release had problems with Nagra3 cards. this one works.
* DGS webif - updated Geckow webif to 1.3.1 (07.03.2009)

При викладенні файлів на сторонніх ресурсах (форумах, сайтах) обов'язково вказати адресу форуму sat-ukraine.info

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Іміджі. Останні версії
« Відповідь #1 : 17:32:08, 03 Квітень 2009 »
От власне і маємо нарешті імідж з укр. локаллю *-P *-A

AB release r9203 for AB IPBox 9xxxHD series: ( 02/Apr/2009)

1. Added 4:3 zoom function on 16:9 TV system
2. Added Ukraine language on the menu
3. Added Display with channel numbers on front display instead of the non-Latin characters
4. Keep the current file system without automatic format even though the file system is ext2 or ext3.
5. Fixed File name bug of the main recording event on EPG Schedule Record
6. Fixed CSLink panic on ASTRA 23.5E 11876
7. Fixed Web interface bugs(no RCU image, 91HD didn't work Web interface, etc) and Update Web interface version
8. Fixed Display strange EPG time info on the banner
9. Fixed Subtitle sync.
10. Fixed Audio jerky on BadrC(26.E) 11938V
11. Fixed A/V Freeze of some HD & SD channels in Turksat, Eutelsat and so on.
12. Fixed Panic problem on ERT world and ERT Sat channels
13. Fixed no audio on Eurosport HD, and Sport HD of Eutelsat 36E TP 12111.
14. Improver stability with file playback and trick functions use
15. Add back menu item "Subtitle language" to language setup menu
16. Updated Russian, Romanian and Slovak language.
17. Updated Smartcard driver
18. Added Drag interval adjustment preciesely such as 10 sec, 30sec, 1min, 5min, 10min, 30min, 1hour in recorded files or timeshift
  - Adjustment: 1. menu(System Settings --> Drag Interval),
                2. direct buttons only with "Recorded files" with Pg+/- on RCU.
1. ext3 file system  is slower than ext2 normally.
   If you record two HD channels with ext3 at the same time, it may fail in record.
1. Files "...r9203DRE.." supported only DRE Cam´s . If you don´t use Dre Cam module, don´t use this image version !!!!

Known issues(on going).
1. Artefact with Premiere HD channels from satellite or cable.
2. Channels with nonstandard characters in name , e.g. "+" show on display as channel number only. Will be fixed in next version.

1. we strongly recommend to format your USB memory stick before the new image copy in it, otherwise, it may happen "ER10".
2. You have to change the name of updated sw into "usb_update.img" when you upgrade the sw by the USB memory stick.

Завантажити AB_91HD_r9203_020409
При викладенні файлів на сторонніх ресурсах (форумах, сайтах) обов'язково вказати адресу форуму sat-ukraine.info


[DM 800HD PVR] Іміджі для SIM 1.0 (ssl #69, ssl #70, ssl #72 )

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[DM 800HD PVR] Іміджі для SIM 2.01 (ssl #76, ssl #82, ssl #84 )

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Іміджі від DOMICA для Dreambox HD 8000/800/800SE/500, Tuxbox 980/990

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Останні софти (Тільки ПЗ, БЕЗ ОБГОВОРЕННЯ)

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Останні софти Samsung DSR9500

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